The Morning Cram [brrrrrrrr edition]

Jan 7, 2014

From NPR: A phenomenon called the Polar Vortex is responsible for one of the nation's coldest periods in two decades. David Greene talks to Andrew Freedman, senior science writer for Climate Central, an independent non-profit organization researching and reporting on the science and impacts of climate change.

Kentucky: MSU facilities officials are having problems with alternate power systems for residential colleges, the wellness center and Winslow dining hall. Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell is officially filing his paperwork for re-election. Kentucky lawmakers are set to open a legislative session dominated by work on a new state budget. Attorney General Jack Conway says the state's substance abuse treatment programs will get a $32 million infusion of funding from settlements with two pharmaceutical companies. Mitch McConnell announced yesterday that the United States Department of Agriculture informed him that tobacco quota holders will receive the full amount of their final tobacco payment by the end of 2015.