The Morning Cram [ballistic bunheads edition]

Feb 5, 2013

From NPR: Tensions in the world’s most prestigious dance company, Moscow's Bolshoi Ballet, have reached a high point with an attack on the group’s artistic director. Sergei Filin was outside his home when a masked man threw acid in his face. Until he recovers, the company’s production of Stravinsky’s Rite of Spring has been postponed.

Kentucky: As the 201st anniversary of a massive earthquake in western Kentucky approaches, the state is planning a statewide drill primarily for schools. Lawmakers return to Frankfort today to tackle the troubled state pension system. Murray State basketball player Zaveral “Zay” Jackson accepts a plea deal to two charges of wanton endangerment and will serve 60 days in jail.

Tennessee: The Tennessee Education Association says it is OK with teachers carrying guns, but only as a last resort. Gov. Bill Haslam continues to try to negotiate beneficial terms for the state to participate in the federally-funded Medicaid expansion but he’s seeing oppositions from Republicans in the Legislature.

Illinois: An Illinois House committee approved funding for state programs that will build roads and shift money from a closed prison to child-welfare services. Legalizing same-sex marriage is expected to come up in a state Senate committee meeting today and could go up for vote on Valentine’s Day. State officials and doctors are at odds on how to pay for a unit that investigates complaints against physicians.