The Morning Cram [aux arbres citoyens edition]

Jan 1, 2014

From NPR: The journalism world may be in crisis, but one magazine in France has been steadily gaining subscribers for 40 years. It's a nature journal called La Hulotte, and twice a year it focuses on an animal or plant indigenous to the French countryside. The magazine published its 100th issue in November. It has more than 150,000 subscribers in many countries and is doing terrific financially.

Kentucky: An effort in Kentucky to fund projects with a new local option sales tax is posing a dilemma for Republican lawmakers.

Illinois: Illinois officials are extending the controlled pheasant hunting season at three state sites.

Tennessee: The police chief of Martin, Tenn. says he won’t be enforcing a current city ordinance that requires a prescription to buy medicines with a methamphetamine precursor, at least until the Martin city board makes a decision to revise it. The Tennessee Comptroller’s Office has seen an increase in suspected fraud reports in the past year.