the morning cram [are we there yet? edition]

Mar 26, 2012

NPR reports the Supreme Court  begins the first of three days of oral arguments on President Obama's health care law today. The court has boiled the arguments down to four key questions. First up: Does the court even have to hear this case right now?

Kentucky~ As the 2012 legislative session winds down, lawmakers aren’t touting a long list of accomplishments. Civil War locations throughout Kentucky and Tennessee are participating in the 16th annual Park Day activities this coming Saturday. Owensboro is embracing the idea of creating a downtown Walk of Fame.

Illinois~ Lawmakers looking for ways to cut expenses in the state’s Medicaid program may consider the big-ticket cost of prescription drugs as a tempting target.

Tennessee~ Top managers at the Tennessee Valley Authority now make more than members of Congress. The state may become the first to fine teenagers for wearing saggy britches.