The Morning Cram [animal style edition]

Feb 21, 2013

From NPR: In-N-Out Burger has one, Dairy Queen has one, and now Panera Bread has a secret menu too. Many restaurants keep old items or concoct special orders to make customers feel like they’re insiders. But sometimes they do it just because they don’t want to print out a whole slew of new menus.

Kentucky: A rally for gay and lesbian rights in Kentucky filled the Capitol Rotunda yesterday. A state Senate panel has approved two measures requiring legislative approval before the state can expand Medicaid or operate an insurance marketplace. State auditor Adam Edelen has some concerns about cybersecurity after an annual review.

Tennessee: A proposed law intended to make sure no preference is shown on the basis of race or gender in college admissions and hiring processes was again delayed in a state Senate committee. A bill that would allow handgun carry permit holders to keep loaded firearms in their parked vehicles is on its way to a full state House vote.

Illinois: Senate Republican leader Christine Rodogno scrutinizes the pension proposal that could make the income tax hike of 2011 permanent.