The Morning Cram [56th quadrennial peaceful revolution edition]

Nov 7, 2012

Credit United States Senate office of Sen. Barack Obama / wikimedia commons

From NPR: Winning matters. Having earned a second term, President Obama will attempt to build on and expand the agenda from his first, launching new initiatives on tax policy, education and immigration. But having won the popular vote by a bare majority — and still facing a divided Congress — Obama may find it difficult to gather momentum for his policies.

Kentucky: Voters in Sebree, Kentucky have decided against allowing restaurants to sell liquor by the drink with meals. Kentucky Republicans have fallen well short of their goal of winning 10 seats and taking control of the state House. With a 40 percent margin, McCracken County and Paducah residents voted against merging their city and county governments yesterday. Paducah residents elected City Commissioner Gayle Kaler mayor Tuesday with nearly 8,000 votes. She ran against write-in candidate Renee Raney.

Tennessee: Tennessee Republicans have secured a supermajority in both chambers of the Legislature.

Illinois: Democrats in Illinois literally mapped out their victories in the state's hotly contested congressional races.