The Morning Cram [50 years later edition]

Aug 26, 2013

From NPR: Joseph Burden and Martin Niverth, officers with the segregated D.C. police department, were both assigned to patrol the March on Washington. Burden, who is black, worked while wishing he could participate. And Niverth, a white man, was surprised to be assigned a black partner for the day.

Kentucky: Governor Steve Beshear is announcing today a $41 million in ‘Race to the Top’ education grant to cooperatives of Kentucky school districts. The Tennessee Valley Authority is donating $5,000 for a coal miner memorial in Muhlenberg County. Libertarian David Patterson has announced his intention to run for U.S. Senate. Mayfield High School won first place at the very first Farm to School Junior Chef championship at the Kentucky State Fair. With legislative redistricting behind them, many lawmakers say it’s time to reform the process for redrawing those boundaries. Come 2014, the Kentucky General Assembly will likely consider ‘animal protection’ legislation.