More Truckers on Kentucky Roads

May 1, 2013

Nicer weather has a few more truckers traveling Kentucky’s interstates.  Overall, the trucking industry remains flat, but the head of the Kentucky Motor Transportation Association says recent figures are promising.  Jamie Fiepke says trucking tends to decline in November and pick up in March.

“From that point forward, that’s when you really start seeing the industry pick up, especially in a good economy, you’ll see it really take off and you’ll see truck everywhere.  And you’re gonna see more and more trucks,” said Fiepke.

Given such demand, he says finding find enough drivers is an ongoing challenge.  Fiepke says new safety regulations allow for a better review of drivers by trucking companies and insurance firms before they’re hired.

The carriers are now able to see that before they hire them which we used not to be able to do, but now we can and insurance companies can see the same thing, so the underwriters are watching, the safety director is watching. So, do we bring this guy on, even those he’s had these events.  And a lot of times they’re saying ‘no’ we can’t bring him on,” added Fiepke.

Fiepke says the trucking industry carries almost 70 percent of the nation’s freight.  In March, he says there was a 3.8 percent jump business.  He says trucking in Kentucky usually reflects those national trends.