More Division of Forestry Seedlings Growing in W. Ky.

Aug 29, 2012

State forestry officials say a tree nursery in western Kentucky has taken on extra work this year to produce nearly two million seedlings for state sales. Forest Resource Branch Manager Tim Sheehan said tornados in March wiped out the state’s eastern Kentucky tree nursery.

Sheehan says officials shipped close to 100,000 extra seeds to the John P. Rhody Nursery in Gilbertsville to keep up with planting schedules.

“All summer long, they’re taking care of not only the production goals they had of their own, but there’s some additional production they had to take care of. And then they’ll have to lift that this fall and package, so surge work still continues,” said Sheehan.

Sheehan said seed planting is on track for the fall at both nurseries. But he adds budget cuts could lead to fewer seedlings in the future. The division of forestry sells 50 species of trees to individuals and businesses, and gives out around a quarter of a million seedlings to schools and conservation districts each year.