Misconduct Allegations Toward Paducah Fire Captain Unfounded

Jan 8, 2014

Paducah City Manager Jeff Pederson, Paducah Fire Chief Stephen Kyle, and Human Resources Director Cindy Medford say misconduct allegations within the Paducah Fire Dept are unfounded.

A release from the city says  no workplace policies were violated. 

Credit paducahky.gov

The internal investigation stems from a January 1, 2014, altercation between Captain Brian Waid and Edward Ladd.  Waid was assaulted while on duty by Ladd who admitted that he confronted Waid in the parking lot of the fire station and struck him in the face. 

According to a police report  Ladd believed that Waid was having an affair with his estranged wife. 

Ladd also admitted to the local television station, WPSD, to writing graffiti on his estranged wife’s place of business indicating his allegation.

The investigation included a review of video provided by Ladd.  Allegations of misconduct included Waid receiving a visitor for approximately 43 minutes in a vehicle at Fire Station #1  while on duty. 

Policies for 24-hour shift employees such as Waid and his fellow fire fighters allow for the receipt of visitors during their shift.

Chief Kyle and Medford continue to review internal policies to determine if adjustments, if any, are needed to provide efficient operations and clarity for 24-hour shift employees.