Military Monument Name-Change Ban Passes Against Democrat Objections


Legislation that would prevent the renaming or moving of war-related monuments in Tennessee passed the state House last night. The bill comes as city officials in Memphis have renamed three Confederate-themed parks.

Democrats tried to get the bill’s sponsor – Republican Steve McDaniel – to admit he was responding to the name changes in Memphis, which he denied. Rep. Johnnie Turner asked what if Jews hadn’t been allowed to tear down Nazi statues.

"I’m not comparing the Confederacy with Adolf Hitler," Turner said. " I’m just saying during the time that he reigned, there were statues everywhere. But today, you would have to look far and wide.”

McDaniel then added, "Much of what you said just makes my point for me.”

McDaniel says present generations shouldn’t get to decide what history future generations are allowed to see.

Democrats also tried to add an amendment preventing the renaming of Civil Rights-related monuments, but were unsuccessful.

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