Mike Cherry on Ag Com Race

Nov 9, 2011

Frankfort, KY – Kentucky Democrats saw a landslide of victories last night. They won every constitutional office except for state Agriculture Commissioner. Republican James Comer beat Bob Farmer for the title and Democratic Representative Mike Cherry of Princeton says Farmer's campaign did the best it could.

"I don't know what he could have done necessarily different. I think he was handicapped by the simple fact that irregardless of the name, he was not a farmer, not an agricultural person; whereas Representative Comer was. I think it also gave the people of Kentucky the opportunity to say, Look we're not a straight Democrat or Republican people. We're more for the person than the party.'"

Cherry says the Democrats' victories bode well for the party's goals for the upcoming year, including a statewide referendum on expanded gambling- which he expects to be the issue of most attention in the coming year.