Mid-West Kentucky Red Cross Becomes Community Chapter

Murray, Ky – The Mid-West Kentucky Red Cross may give up 11 of the 17 counties it covers in Western Kentucky. Executive Director Jeanie Barnett says the chapter covered the area successfully when it partnered with a service area office north of Cincinnati. The office had personnel trained in all aspects of Red Cross service and often helped the organization cover the health needs of the area. Budget cuts, however, took away that assistance.

In cost cutting efforts in May, the service area offices all across the country were closed, so that took that source of support and expert knowledge further away. And, it became increasingly difficult for us to give that watch care to the other community chapters.

The Mid-West Red Cross decided to shrink its service area to Hopkins, Muhlenberg, Caldwell, Todd and Trigg Counties in order to better serve area needs. These counties and those which the chapter relinquished will now fall under the authority of the Louisville Chapter of the Red Cross.