McCracken Judge Executive Suggests Tighter Language for Animal Control Ordinance

Apr 9, 2013

McCracken County residents may have to pay closer attention to their pets in the future.

County Judge-Executive Van Newberry suggested amendments to a current animal control ordinance that would more closely define the term “at large excessively.”

Newberry suggested the Court apply the label to dogs that create nuisances outside their owners’ properties two times within 90 days. These roaming animals, he said must be seen by animal control officers or caught on videotape. If officers pick up such dogs, Newberry suggested the owners pay fines to retrieve their animals.

“I think a lot of people in the county have an erroneous idea that animals can roam freely," he said. "They really can’t.”

Court members will take the next few weeks to consider amending the ordinance and then discuss the issue again at a future meeting.