McCracken Fiscal Court Ordinance Upheld By KY Court of Appeals

Feb 25, 2013


The Kentucky Court of Appeals has upheld a 2011 McCracken Fiscal Court ordinance that requires the Fiscal Court to examine the County Clerk's expenditures.

On Friday, the court dismissed the lawsuit County Clerk Jeff Jerrel filed against the county's fiscal court. In 2011 the Clerks' office had been the target of criticism over personnel policies and alleged mismanaged office finances. McCracken County Judge-executive Van Newberry said the ordinance is important to his county because checks and balances are key to American government.

“And there was not much checks and balance in that department spending 20 million dollars a year, spending it any way they saw fit and then whatever was leftover turn it over to the general fund,” Newberry said.

The Fiscal court is set to discuss the Clerk’s $20 million in budget requests this week. County Clerk Jeff Jerrell was not available for comment.