McCracken Fiscal Court Mulls PACRO Takeover

Aug 21, 2013

From left to right, Zana Renfro, Jerry Beyer, Van Newberry and Ronnie Freeman discuss the viability of McCracken County assuming administrative responsibilities for PACRO on Tuesday.

The McCracken County Fiscal Court discussed the viability of taking over administrative responsibilities for the Paducah Area Community Reuse Organization, or PACRO, in a workshop yesterday. Major concerns were to establish a list of administrative responsibilities, and garnering a commitment from the PACRO board to accept change in structure. A list of responsibilities for the new administrator were not outlined during the meeting.

Judge Newberry, who also sits on the PACRO board, will bring the fiscal courts' concerns to the PACRO board meeting today.

"Certainly that the McCracken County Fiscal Court and the PACRO board both understand the scope of work and both understand what is expect of each other," he said.

 Discussion will continue for the McCracken County Fiscal Court on Monday. PACRO's responsibility is to mitigate economic loss by providing lending opportunities as the United States Enrichment Corporation continues to close operations. This spring PACRO lost its director and administrator, the Purchase Area Development District, and entered into emergency negotiations with McCracken County, which is home to the majority of USEC employees.