McCracken County School Board Studies Safety Options For New High School

Apr 23, 2013

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The McCracken County school board says walk through metal detectors are not a feasible safety measure for the community's new high school. Supervising Student Resource Officer Larry Zacheretti researched the option when a when a school board member inquired into the possibility of using the metal detectors. Zacheretti said an efficient metal detector screens 350 people every hour. He said screening 1,800 people every morning is not feasible. But he is confident in the district's safety measures already in place.

“Actually McCracken County’s way ahead of the state or probably the national average on armed school resource officers per enrollment,” he said. “We’re probably twice what the average is.”

Zacheretti said security officers at the school will have metal detecting wands and security cameras available to them when the school opens this Fall.