McCracken County Precinct Wet-Dry Vote Postponed

Mar 21, 2013

Credit iStockPhoto

A wet-dry vote for McCracken County’s Maxon Road precinct has been postponed after officials examined the petition calling for the vote and found it was five signatures short. The county’s Deputy Judge Executive Doug Harnice says 323 valid signatures were necessary for the vote that was scheduled for May 7.

“I looked at the signatures on all of them, and found that some didn’t have the last name in it and some didn’t have a telephone, address and some of them were actually in another precinct,” he said.

Paducah Regional Sports Plex Owner Tim Stonecipher started the petition and owns land in the precinct where developers would like to build an alcohol-serving restaurant. Harnice says Stonecipher could file another petition but could not simply gain the five signatures needed for the old one. If he files another petition, he has six months to gather signatures.