McCracken County Fiscal Court Postpones Grievance Hearing

Sep 18, 2013

The McCracken County Fiscal Court is emergency management director Paul Carter time to prepare for his grievance hearing. Carter was suspended five days without pay for a reported scuffle with a tow truck driver.

Carter alleged the Fiscal Court failed to follow proper protocol in disciplining him. He retained attorney Jeremy Ian Smith Monday to represent him in the grievance.

 “Basically, my contingent is since he’s never had any problems whatsoever, if this is something the Fiscal Court should be worried about which I don’t think it is, then he should have at the very least got a verbal warning because he’s never been in any trouble,” Smith said.

The hearing was set for this week but the court postponed the hearing until Oct. 8 after Smith requested time to prepare. Smith said he expects Carter to win the grievance hearing.