McCracken County Circuit Judge Announces Retirement

May 16, 2017

Credit via justice_belchonock_123rf.jpg

  McCracken County Circuit Judge Craig Clymer is retiring. Clymer has served 17 years as the circuit judge and six years as the district judge in McCracken county.

He said he loves the job, but it’s a matter of “economy,” explaining that the salary for a circuit judge is relatively low, but offers a good pension after serving for many years. Clymer said his pension level has nearly matched his salary. Clymer said he plans to draw his pension while opening a private practice or joining a law firm. He said he notified the governor’s office Monday. He said the Judiciary Nominating Committee will pick up to three qualified people for Governor Matt Bevin to choose as a temporary replacement. The seat will go up for election in 2018.