McCracken Co. Overpaid $144,000, Previous County Attorneys to Repay

Nov 24, 2015


McCracken County Judge/Executive Bob Leeper is working on a way for the county to get back nearly $144,000 dollars it overpaid previous county attorneys. 

A payroll report indicates the county overpaid Mike Murphy about $70,000 and Dan Boaz nearly $74,000 from 1997 to 2014. Leeper says the overpayment did not come about from any wrongdoing.

“It was caused by the fact that the county attorney’s office receives a letter and they assume that the treasurer  received the same letter and they did not,” Leeper said. “So the treasurer had no way of knowing that there was this statutory maximum. And the problem kept being compounded by pay raises and it went a long way.”

Current County Attorney Sam Clymer discovered the overpayment earlier this year. Leeper says the rest of Clymer’s pay was adjusted to keep from overpaying him.

Leeper says Boaz and Murphy have agreed to repay the county. They’ll meet after the holidays to discuss the repayment process.