McConnell Touts Clout

Murray, KY – Senator Mitch McConnell headed to the Murray-Calloway County Republican headquarters this afternoon as he ends the 62-stop bus tour in his bid for re-election. Carrie Pond has more. --------------------------------------------- The Republican Incumbent was flanked by Kentucky conservatives like State Senate President David Williams and State Senator Ken Winters. He said his race for U-S Senator is the most important senate race in the country because of the clout and influence Kentucky stands to lose if his Democratic opponent Bruce Lunsford wins.

"What will be his responsibility as a rookie senator? Well at first they'll give him a seat all the way in the back of the room- we give out seats according to seniority in the senate, so he'll be seated all the way in the back where the light's not very good. And his sole responsibility everyday will be to salute Harry Reid and ask him how to vote."McConnell urged Calloway Countians to vote next Tuesday and make up for the votes of less conservative voters in more populous regions. He heads next to Elizabethtown.