McConnell Explains Different Positions on Filibuster Rule Change While Visiting Western Ky.

Nov 22, 2013

Credit official photo, public domain

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell says his position on changing the filibuster rules in the Senate hinges on intention versus action.

McConnell has been publicly critical of Senate Democrats' move to make it more difficult for the minority party to hold up action on key presidential nominees.

In 2005,  McConnell, then Senate Majority Whip, had pushed for doing the same thing Democrats did yesterday. He addressed his positions with WKMS reporter John Paul Henry.

"Back then, we didn't actually do it," McConnell said. "We discussed it, but didn't do it. The Republican majority considered doing the same thing out of frustration over the handling of judges, but chose not to do it. A wise and restrained position. The Senate Democratic majority has now fundamentally changed the Senate in a way that will diminish minority rights. The U.S. Senate has been in the past the one legislative body in the world where the minority was not ignored."

McConnell’s comments came today at Baptist Health Paducah following a town hall on the Affordable Care Act.