McConnell On 2014 Campaign: 'We're Ready'

Feb 4, 2013

Credit official photo, public domain

Republican US Senator Mitch McConnell has opened his Louisville campaign office early because he says democrats have made defeating him a priority next year. The Kentucky lawmaker is seeking a sixth term in 2014 and says his race will be the only one of any national significance.

The  Senate Minority Leader says protestors already show up at his Jefferson county home and at events where he is scheduled to speak. McConnell told supporters gathered at his office this weekend that opponents are also working in other ways to defeat him.

“Stories about the democrats trying to fund various groups to try to get me a primary. Look, I welcome these guys. They want to fight. We’re ready,” he said.

McConnell’s campaign warchest currently sits at more  than $7-million.  Daviess County Democrat, Ed Marksberry, is the only person to officially file to run against McConnell but many “high profile” democrats haven’t ruled out a run.