Mayfield Considers Smoking Ban

Mar 11, 2013


The City of Mayfield could possibly ban smoking in public. This comes after a statewide ban failed in the Kentucky House.

Mayor Teresa Cantrell says there’s wide community support for a smoking ban. She says a public survey showed only 2 out of the 70 respondents were against a ban. Cantrell says a smoking ban wouldn’t just benefit a business’s patrons.

“While customers can pick and choose where they want to go eat or whatever in terms of being smoke-free, the employees don’t have that option," she said. "And when you’re creating an unhealthy environment for employees, that’s when I think maybe the city can come in and do some things to make a difference.”

The smoking ban proposal is now in the Finance and Administration Committee’s hands. Cantrell says if the city council were to vote on the ban, she thinks it would pass.