Mayfield 9-1-1 Calls Going to KSP

Dec 16, 2013

Credit KSP/Wikipedia

 Mayfield Mayor Teresa Cantrell is set to broker an interlocal agreement between the city and the Kentucky State Police Post 1 to provide 9-1-1 dispatching services.

The Mayfield City Council recently gave unanimous consent for Cantrell to seek the partnership.

Cantrell said changes are coming in the next 4-7 years for cities operating their own dispatch centers, requiring the shift to KSP.

“[Like] Equipment having to update your dispatch center where you would be able to receive text messages and video messaging and all the higher technology that’s out there, and it’s going to be mandated for dispatch centers to have this,” Cantrell said. “And it’s estimated for dispatch centers the size of Mayfield it would be in excess of $1 million.”

Cantrell also said the city has trouble keeping dispatchers on staff.  She says the KSP is suited to take on Mayfield’s estimated 1,800 emergency calls a month. KSP spokeswoman Shari Clapp said law enforcement response times could save 30 seconds to two minutes on every call.

The city currently has only three dispatchers, who will receive other city jobs.

Cantrell hopes for the changeover to occur by May or June.