Massie Builds Support For National Hemp Bill

Apr 1, 2013

Kentucky congressman Thomas Massie says legislation he has introduced in congress to legalize hemp is picking up support. The Fourth District Republican says more lawmakers are seeing his industrial hemp farming act as a way to help the economy.

Massie concedes that hemp is not big enough to assist more than two or three states. However, he claims if Kentucky is first in the game, that’s where most of the processing facilities will be located.

He says his proposed industrial hemp farming act initially had 28 co-sponsors but now has 36. Massie says it won’t produce a new wave of nationwide prosperity but it could make a big difference in a handful of states.

Massie says nobody remembers the name of the second online auction company but everyone knows E-bay.  That’s why, he says, it’s important for kentucky to be first with industrial hemp.