Marksberry Drops Democratic Bid For US Senate, Runs As Independent

Sep 23, 2013

Credit Facebook

Democratic long-shot Ed Marksberry has decided to drop his bid for his party’s nomination and run as an independent for US Senate next year.

The Owensboro contractor said today he believes Kentucky needs an independent candidate who is not beholden to party leaders. Marksberry said his candidacy has been less about winning and more about influencing the political conversation, something he feels he can better achieve as an independent.  

Without Marksberry, University of Louisville communications professor Greg Leichty and Louisville music promoter Bennie Smith remain in the race against Democratic front-runner Alison Lundergan Grimes. 

On the Republican side, US Senator Mitch McConnell, who’s running for a sixth term, faces a challenge from Louisville businessman Matt Bevin.