Maiden Alley Fundraising Continues

Jun 25, 2013

Landee Bryant
Credit Maiden Alley Cinema

  Paducah’s Maiden Alley Cinema has reached $60,000 of their $90,000 fundraising goal. The theater is raising the funds to install a digital projector. 

Half of the money raised came from a campaign on the popular fundraising website Maiden Alley Executive Director Landee Bryant says the switch to digital projection is a must for the theater to survive.

"A lot of the films that we show which are our bread and butter and how we stay open, which are our first run, bigger independent films will only be available in a digital format. So we have to do it in order to keep functioning as an art house, independent movie theater. "

Bryant says she hopes to raise all the needed funds by the end of the year. She adds Maiden Alley will keep its current 35 millimeter projector to use in future screenings.