Madisonville Veterans Memorial Construction Faces Obstacles

May 29, 2012

A Madisonville veterans’ memorial construction project is running over budget and behind schedule. The memorial at Day Lily Park was originally scheduled to be opened this past weekend. 

City Council member and Memorial Chairman Bob Simmons says the initial $100,000 project has doubled in cost due to additions, slow material acquisition, and modest initial cost projections.

“Of course as time went on, and we actually got started with construction, it was obvious that was not going to be enough. So we have re-energized our fund raising efforts.”

The committee is selling bricks and granite plaques to help fund the project. Simmons says the city is helping by providing labor; and that the veterans committee will work to reimburse the city at completion if possible.

“If there are sufficient funds to reimburse the city, that will happen. But keep in this is in a city park. It’s being built in a location called Day Lily Park- which the city has always maintained. I wouldn’t feel bad personally if we could only reimburse the city for a portion of it. After all, they are doing work in a city park.”

The memorial is expected to open early this fall.