Madisonville Sanitation Officials Promote City Recycling

May 17, 2013

Credit iStockPhoto

Madisonville sanitation officials say nearly 30% of the city's population is using the city's iRecycle program. In October, the city began the program to keeping garbage collection fees low by reducing the number of tons transported to the Hopkins County Regional Landfill. City Sanitation Superintendent Robert Janes said he hopes 70 per cent of the population will sign on by the end of the next fiscal year. 

“People don’t like changes in their life," said Janes. "But once they make the change to recycle its amazing how simple it is for them.”

The city has also applied for a forty-thousand dollar grant to buy the recycling station a paper shredder. Janes said he hopes this move will make it more convenient for people to recycle.