Madisonville Native Nadine Turner Reflects on her 95 Years

Aug 19, 2012

From time to time on this program, we introduce you to influential people new to our region on our occasional series “Meet and Greet.”  This time, the person we’d like you to meet isn’t new to the area.  Madisonville native Nadine Turner has lived here for years.  In fact, Mrs. Turner is preparing to celebrate her 95th birthday at the end of August.  And she’s certainly been influential.  During World War Two, she served her country as an Army nurse.  Mrs. Turner was posted stateside first, then to England, when she cared for soldiers wounded in Europe.  After returning to western Kentucky, she headed Murray-Calloway County Hospital’s nursing department and played a role in the establishment of Murray State’s School of Nursing. Todd Hatton recently called on Mrs. Turner at her home in Murray where she reflected on a remarkable life in the middle of its ninth decade.