Madisonville Library Board Works To Lower Prevailing Wage Bill

Aug 7, 2013

Credit Hopkins County-Madisonville Public Library, Facebook

The Madisonville Public Library Board is trying to cut a $98, 904 prevailing wage bill against them. The Kentucky Cabinet of Labor determined in May that the library’s renovation project is subject to prevailing wage and conducted an audit of what they believe the board owed to their contractors.  Library board attorney Randall Hardesty said the board is now trying to get the Cabinet’s calculation lowered.

“They have looked into those [reports] and are continuing to look into them because they are quite complicated and feel like there may be some reasons for having a compromise of some of the amounts that have been requested because we think that there are some errors involved," said Hardesty.

Prevailing wage applies to public projects with a budget of $250,000 or more and lists hourly rates for contractors based on job classifications. Hardesty said the board claims there are some discrepancies where the state’s audit shows different rates than the contractor’s invoices and wants to settle on an accurate amount.  

The library board is expected to discuss the bill at Thursday’s regularly scheduled meeting.