Madisonville Faculty No-Confidence

Madisonville, KY – In a 91 to 9 vote, Madisonville Community College members today overwhelmingly approved a no-confidence resolution in response to a new no-tenure policy. The Kentucky Community and Technical College System Board of Regents drew fire from faculty after last's months vote to eliminate tenure for new faculty hired after July 1. Opponents say the policy threatens educational quality. The governor recently said he supports the policy because of the high amount of technical courses offered by the school system. Madisonville faculty member Scott Vander Ploeg says that mindset ignores another key function of state community colleges.

While I can understand why the Governor would take that kind of position- "Let's see if this might work out"- it also pretty much undermines the concept of the colleges as offering further kind of advancement and opportunities for Kentuckians who'd find it convenient to go to the colleges before they go off to the four-year schools.

Vander Ploeg says faculty members support Rep. Rick Nelson's pledge to offer legislation to repeal the measure. However, faculty members hope the board will repeal the decision before it comes to that. Board Chairman Richard Bean says the board has no intention of reversing the policy. KCTCS Officials says the change will cut costs and give colleges hiring flexibility.