Lyon Co. Set to Repeal Flood Insurance Ordinance Due to Inaccurate Maps

Dec 3, 2012


The Lyon County Fiscal Court plans to repeal its flood insurance map ordinance because it’s causing a burden to some homeowners. The ordinance that went into effect in August includes the county for the first time in the National Flood Insurance Program, allowing property owners to get flood insurance and qualify for federal disaster relief.

Lyon County Judge Executive Wade White says many properties are incorrectly listed in the floodplain in federal maps, and law now mandates those property owners buy flood insurance. He says that has cost some Lyon County homeowners $1,200.

“We believe there are 77 that are not in the flood plain that this is affecting. The problem is there’s possibly even more than that because we’re getting reports from some people that clearly aren’t even in the inaccurate maps, but they’re getting letters from their bank saying they need to purchase flood insurance," said White.

FEMA oversees the flood insurance maps. Spokeswoman Mary Olsen says the agency is aware of the problem. Olsen says people may request FEMA update a property at no charge through a Letter of Map Change request.

White says it’s easier right now to simply repeal the ordinance. The move would means Lyon Countians in the floodplain wouldn't be able to get NFIP insurance, or federal disaster relief in case of flooding.

“Yes, there will be some affected that may have purchased the flood insurance," said White. "But we can’t allow incorrect maps to continue to burden the rest of the people in Lyon County maybe we can come back in at a later date. But that will be with close scrutiny.”

The fiscal court drafted a repeal Monday. They hold another meeting Tuesday at 9 a.m.