Lyon Co. Repeal Flood Insurance Ordinance After Map Problem

Dec 20, 2012

Lyon County Judge Executive Wade White says local officials decided to repeal the county’s flood insurance ordinance because FEMA could not easily correct floodplain maps. The fiscal court voted unanimously this week to repeal the ordinance that went into effect in August.

White says close to 80 households were incorrectly listed inside the floodplain, forcing those residents to buy insurance, or pay for a survey and file a FEMA map amendment request.

“And even the surveys only opt out, or amend out that property owner’s home itself. It doesn’t take care of anything around it. Somebody builds a garage, they’ve got to go through this process again," said White. "So we saw no other option, but to opt out until they get these maps corrected."

The move means no Lyon County property owner can buy insurance through the National Flood Insurance Plan. They also won’t be able to get disaster relief funding in case of flooding.

White says the burden to county residents was greater than the benefit.