Long Term Cancer Study Looking for Kentucky Volunteers

Aug 6, 2012

A cancer research study that will span the next 20 to 30 years is looking for volunteers in the Commonwealth. The American Cancer Society will have sign-ups for its Cancer Prevention Study-3 this week at various locations across Louisville and central Kentucky. Spokeswoman Stephanie Feger says the CPS-3 builds on earlier longitudinal data.

“Previous cancer studies that the American Cancer Society has embarked upon found important information such as the links between lung cancer and smoking or the link between obesity and increased cancer risk. So who knows what types of links this particular study will help extrapolate?”

The American Cancer Society anticipates enrollment of around 500-thousand people across the United States and Puerto Rico. Researchers will track participants’ lifestyle, behavioral, and medical information to look for factors that cause or prevent cancer. Volunteers must be between the ages of 30 and 65 who have never been diagnosed with cancer before. You can find more information about the cancer study at www.cps3kentucky.org.