Local Food Banks Deal With Increasing Need

Murray, KY – Local food banks often work harder during the holidays, but as the economy continues to decline, they find themselves with more families to feed. Hopkins County
Christian Food Bank Director Marilyn Fulkerson says although donations have been
steady, the organization still has to deal with a rise in demand for its services.

"Now, for the month of October, we did 335 families for this little food bank, and
that comes to 877 people. We've had a lot coming in the past two days, so we are getting low again."

Murray Needline executive director Tonia (TOH-nuh) Casey says during the last year the number of families her organization serves increased by 10 percent but local establishments have come to its aid. Casey also says greater demand will continue throughout the holiday season, keeping all food banks and charities in need of funding and supplies.