Local Candidates Talk Jobs, Economy at Fancy Farm

Aug 6, 2012

First District State Senate candidates focused on jobs, in their stump speeches at this weekend’s 2012 Fancy Farm Picnic. Democratic candidate Carroll Hubbard is making his second run at the position. Hubbard, a former U. S. congressman and Paducah lawyer, lost the race in 2008 to Ken Winters. Hubbard says voters should choose him because as a democrat he can work with democratic Gov. Steve Beshear.

“One way to make the economy better in our area, is to bring industry and to bring jobs, is to be heard. Yes, to be heard by the one man that can bring an industry to this area, and that’s Steve Beshear," said Hubbard.

Republican candidate Stan Humphries says if elected, he’ll make working families his top priority in Frankfort.  

“As your state senator, I will fight to keep taxes low on our small business owners and working families. I’ll also fight to remove oppressive regulations that hinder job creation," said Humphries.

Humphries also touted his successes balancing the budget and lowering unemployment as Trigg County Judge-Executive. Retiring first district Senator Ken Winters spoke before the candidates and endorsed Humphries.

Candidates for Kentucky's Second District House of Representatives seat used the picnic platform to introduce themselves. Republican Ricahard Heath and Democrat Kelly Whitaker are vying for the position vacated by Rep. Fred Nesler, who retired early in May to join the state agriculture department. Whitaker, a pharmacist and Graves County School Board member, says she wants to bring more fairness to state politics by opening all committee meetings, and not paying lawmakers for special sessions.

“And as far as those legislative pensions we’ve heard about, I say no more full time pensions for part time legislators. Let’s take some of those savings, and help shore up the public employees retirement system," said Whitaker.

Heath, a local business man, is a first timer in politics. He says he wants to bring a common sense approach to Frankfort.

“It’s not like you’ve got to reinvent the wheel. All you’ve got to do is look at the states around us that are outperforming us, like Tennessee, and ask ourselves, what are they doing that’s different than us? Why can’t we implement some of those same policies and practices, and put Kentucky on the same playing field as Tennessee?" he said.

Former Rep. Fred Nesler, a democrat, spoke before the two candidates, but did not endorse either one.