Live Report From Eggners Ferry Bridge Collapse for AP Awards Submission

Feb 6, 2013

This post has been created exclusively to transmit audio for a portion of the KY AP radio awards

On a cold foggy January 26th 2012 a cargo ship named “The Delta Mariner” crashed into the Eggners Ferry Bridge collapsing a 300 ft. section of the road deck into Kentucky Lake. More than 3000 vehicles cross that bridge daily. WKMS News responded and provided live coverage of the collapse. The four links provide a comprehensive stories under the terms "The Bridge" on our webiste, the three other links are just a few on air pieces produced of the more than 40 stories WKMS News provided on the subjects of coast guard hearings, repair work and community impact. This post includes an an mp3 of one of our live breaks from the night the crash, where we provided "breaking" coverage. The coverage also included exclusive web content, exclusive aerial photographs, and unique stories of how the 80 year old bridge got it’s name.