LIHEAP Funds Running Out for Western Kentucky

Jan 23, 2013

Western Kentucky's energy assistance program for low-income families, or LIHEAP, has almost exhausted its yearly funding allowance. West Kentucky Allied Services administers the region's program. LIHEAP grant director Tony Dowty says they’re working with much less money than previous years.

He says,

“Last year the agency itself received $1,420,000 for assistance for all eight counties, and this year the fundings been cut to only $844,000.”

Dowty says they only have about 10 to 12 more days worth of funds to dole out. He says last year they also received contingency funding from Community Action Kentucky, which allowed them to extend funding through the end of March. Dowty says budget cuts for federal programs like LIHEAP means those contingency funds won’t be there this year.