LGBTQ Historical Markers In Lexington Shine A Light On State Efforts

Jun 4, 2018

Credit Ludovic Bertron, via Wikimedia Commons

Two markers commemorating LGBTQ history in Kentucky were unveiled this weekend that celebrate the oldest continued gathering place for the group and a 1992 state Supreme court decision.

The markers were dedicated in Lexington on Sunday.

Murray State LGBT Coordinator MC Lampe says the court’s decision decriminalized homosexuality and allowed people to live their lives without fear of prosecution.

Lampe says the markers represent rural communities ability to blossom.

“That’s where you get things like Murray State’s Alliance and now, the Office for LGBT Programming at Murray State which is the first of its kind in this area of the state,” Lampe said. “You also have the newly passed fairness ordinance in Paducah. None of those things would be possible if it was illegal to be gay.”

The Paducah Human Rights Commission also passed a fairness ordinance in Paducah this January--becoming the ninth city in the commonwealth with an L-G-B-T ordinance and the first in western Kentucky.