Lexington Police Release Letters from Former Governor Nunn to Son

Apr 5, 2012

Lexington Police have released documents chronicling a murder investigation that ended in a guilty plea from the son of former Governor Louie B. Nunn.  The 191 pages includes a 1997 letter from the former governor to his son Steve Nunn saying quote "within my mind and memory, you do not exist.”  Nunn pleaded guilty in June to the September 2009, shooting death of 29-year-old Amanda Ross. He had been engaged to Ross. Nunn is serving life in prison without parole. The documents include interviews with family and friends describing the couple's volatile relationship. In the letter, Louie Nunn accuses his son of physical and verbal abuse of family members — allegations similar to those made by Ross before her death. Louie Nunn died in 2004.