Legal Experts Discuss US Supreme Court Issues on Kentucky Tonight

Jun 19, 2012

The U.S. Supreme Court is expected to rule on federal issues of health care and immigration before it completes its term this summer.  A health care ruling is expected soon.  

The subject was discussed on KET’s Kentucky Tonight Monday.  Amy Cubbage with the ACLU doesn’t believe the immigration debate will end with a decision about Arizona’s policy.

“The battle will continue...people on both sides have made it clear they are gonna continue in the state legislatures…those fights have been held ever since the first Arizona got passed… you know it’s happening in the Supreme Court is not gonna be the final say in this instance,” said Cubbage.

Samuel Marcosson is a law professor at the University of Louisville.  He’s unsure about the political fallout of a ruling on health care..

“I think it’s probably gonna be the affordable care act case that’s gonna get the most play...but then the political repercussions of that will depend on how that decision and we may end up differing on what’s gonna happen in that case...but I think it’s hard to predict the political repercussions of the decision either way,” said Marcasson.

Also appearing on the KET broadcast were Christopher Thacker with the Federalist Society of Law and Public Policy and Paul Salamanca, UK law professor. You can hear Kentucky Tonight every Tuesday at noon on WKMS.