Leeper Signs Emergency Order for Flood Damage Repairs

Jul 14, 2015

McCracken County judge-executive Bob Leeper
Credit kcjea.org/mccracken.html

McCracken County judge-executive Bob Leeper told the fiscal court at Monday night’s meeting he will sign an emergency order Tuesday for repairs of damage from last week’s flash flooding.

The 5+ inches of rain in less than two hours sent water into the basement of the courthouse and into the jail annex. Inmates at the annex were transferred to the jail. Leeper said the staff at the road department, courthouse and jail did a great job during a difficult time.

“You know, it wasn’t the easiest of times but people made the best of it. We’re still actually working on it,” Leeper said. “We’ve got folks coming in to look at some strategies to try to minimize the effects of these types of rains in the future and try to plan ahead.”

Leeper said the fiscal court will not need a vote on the order

The exact date or length to repair damage is unknown but repairs to county building will start quickly. Leeper said the losses do not qualify for state reimbursement.