Leeper Not Suprised He was Passed Over for Senate President Nomination

Nov 28, 2012

Independent state Senator Bob Leeper of Paducah says he knew his failed bid for the senate presidency was a long shot, but he wanted to give senate members a choice.  He says his lack of party affiliation likely factored into his failed nomination.

“…the majority caucus is able to select their nominee for the president’s role. Being an independent in that partisan environment sometimes has its baggage,” Leeper said.

Leeper says he sought the position because he wanted to take a leadership role in policy direction.

The Republican Caucus nominated Senator Robert Stivers to succeed former Senate President David Williams. Williams left the senate to take a position as a state circuit court judge. The senate’s GOP majority means Stivers is a shoe-in for the position when the official vote occurs in January. Leeper said of the nominee,

“Robert [Stivers] has got a unique set of attributes that I think will serve the senate well, and I look forward to watching him develop in the role of senate president.”

Leeper is the current Appropriations and Revenue Committee Chairman, a position which Stivers says Leeper will keep despite his challenge.