LBL Scenery Management Plan May See Revisions In Response to Public Concerns

Dec 19, 2014

Credit LBL Forest Service

Lyon County’s Judge Executive says Land Between the Lakes Officials may rewrite their controversial draft Scenery Management Plan. Wade White’s comments come following a meeting with LBL Area Supervisor Tina Tilley.

The plan has received a flurry of objections since being released for public comment a month ago. White said he thinks parts of the scenery management plan make sense, like clearing understory near roads to improve forest visibility, but the language of the plan was too broad.

“It wasn’t just focusing on just, here, we’re gonna do this around this road. If that’s the plan, that’s what it needs to say,” White said. “And I think she understands that now and I think that’s what they’re gonna come back with.”

White says many are upset because the language of the plan makes it sound like a justification for turning the forest into prairie land.  

“Some of the aspects of what they’re trying to do make sense," White added. "You want people to be able to see things as they’re driving around. The things that I believe she’s going to be taking out that we had a problem with, there was no caps on anything. So it opened the door for almost a back way in of completely changing what LBL is to us.”

White says after he met with LBL Area Supervisor Tina Tilley to express his concerns she agreed to narrow the language of the plan to address public concerns.  White says he is glad Tilley is including public comment as officials develop management plans. He says the re-worked draft could be released for public comment in the summer. LBL Officials say they will begin reviewing public comments in January.