LBL Releases Farming Prospectuses, Bids Open Through May 13

Mar 31, 2014


Land Between the Lakes National Recreation Area is accepting bids for farming crops and hay as part of open lands management.

LBL spokeswoman Denise Schmittou said interested parties can bid on two prospectuses - one for croplands and one for hayfields. She said this is a re-up of existing open lands at LBL.

“They’ve been planted with crops such as corn or soybeans and then they cut hay on some of them," Schmittou said. "They do leave some of the crops there for the wildlife, so it has different purposes to complete the same mission.”

The cropland prospectus has two options, while bidders have six options for hayfields.

Prospectus maps are available here. Bid proposal packages will be accepted until May 13.