LBL Proposing Timber Sale as Part of Storm Damage Cleanup Efforts

Sep 1, 2016

Credit Land Between the Lakes news release

Land Between the Lakes officials are proposing a timber salvage sale as part of ongoing cleanup efforts after a series of devastating storms in July. 

Area Supervisor Tina Tilley says the storm impacted 230 acres in the national recreation area. Tilley says by acting quickly to remove dead, damaged and dying trees, naturalists can decrease the likelihood of insect outbreaks and wildfire.

Seven identified damaged areas include a range from Birmingham Ferry Backcountry to Cravens Bay Campground.

The proposed Birmingham Ferry Salvage Sale is open for public comment until September 30.

Last Week, FEMA declared federal disaster aid for 20 Kentucky counties from the July storms, including those encompassing Land Between the Lakes.


Land Between the Lakes National Recreation Area, c/o Birmingham Ferry Salvage Sale, 100 Van Morgan Drive, Golden Pond, Ky 42211 ...or email

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