LBL Continues to Seek Public Input on Budget Cuts

Apr 25, 2012

Less than 25 people have offered comments at public meetings on budget cuts to Land Between the Lakes national recreation area. LBL officials have held two meetings to discuss a 50% cut to the park's maintenance budget which totals around $750,000. The park hosts almost 2 million visitors each year.  12 people attended the last meeting, LBL Public Affairs Specialist Nicole Hawk says she thinks public awareness is increasing.

“I think after the initial meetings, that got some buzz generated amongst local media and perhaps in our local communities as well and I expect visitation at these public meetings to pick up with each one we do.”

Hawk says they’re also receiving a lot of ideas by e-mail and on their website, where all the ideas are being listed for public review. She says park users have been supportive of LBL’s efforts to reduce spending and better manage funds now that money is in short supply. The next of the four public meetings is tomorrow evening  from 5-7 at the Stewart County Visitors Center in Dover, Tennessee.